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Project 2d

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Project Render

Free Design

Here at The Eggleston Group, our sales professionals provide free design services to all of our clients. After the initial consultation to determine your needs, we come up with a space plan based on the dimensions of your space and your particular wants. From there the project is discussed based on workflow and the render is created. The render serves as a very good overall idea of the finished project and helps solidify colors and materials choices. After that the project is signed off and installation is schedule


Putting it together


Finish out

Installation and Reconfigure

We are experts in the installation of systems furniture. In fact, we have some of the best installers in the nation at our disposal. Once the date of installation is near, our crew will pull all needed inventory for your project and make sure it is in excellent shape before it is carefully loaded on the truck for delivery. On the day of installation our team members will arrive on time and begin unloading. After all the product reaches the floor they will begin the process of assembly. Walls are built, work surfaces are put on, desks are installed and electrical is put in place. After that, the finish out occurs and the furniture and space is cleaned to our high standards. Any extra materials or cardboard are hauled off and your team is ready to work! If anything else is needed or something needs to be changed, a punchlist is made and the items are promptly installed and corrected in the upcoming days. That's it! Its a joy to watch these people work.

If you already have existing product and need to reconfigure your setup, we can help with that too. Please contact one of our sales professionals to get started.