Private Office

The power of a great office setup can't be understated. It allows for a strong visual first impression which enables better negotiation and provides a centralized command center. The options in the modern private office are vast. Every detail can be refined and customized to fit the specific look and feel that you desire. Contact one of our sales professionals to find out more.


Desk and Credenza

Whether its stand alone, connected or with a hutch on top, The desk and credenza combination is the foundation of the private office. It sections off an office and and allows the user to have a private area that's all their own. File storage and electrical grommets guarantee the ability for a finished and usable workstation that's executive in feel. Find out about the multitude of shapes, sizes, colors and options from one of our sales representatives today.


Modular Concepts

The private office, like the open office has transformed into a modular space to allow for a modern look and the ability to configure for exactly what works for your workflow. Let us design the perfect concept for how you work.



A conference desktop is a great way to handle business with many client interactions. From financial institutions to car dealerships to title and mortgage companies, the ablilty to confernece with multiple clients in constant business flow is a key to success. Let us show you how one can work for you.