About Us

Our Product

After years of experience, The Eggleston Group has culled down the market to offer products that are affordable, durable, simple to setup and good looking. Through trial and error we think we have the most effective product for people in offices today.

Our Mission

The Eggleston Group’s mission is to make the process of creating or re-creating an office environment that is encouraging, aesthetically pleasing and efficient for every worker, simple and stress free.

Our Founders

Tony Eggleston - CEO

Tony loves cats and dogs... All animals really. He also loves starting and running businesses. But he could honestly say, The Eggleston Group is his favorite... At least we would like to think so... :)


Joe Eggleston - CTO

Joe wants to be fitter and stronger than everyone. He doesn't always succeed but he sure does try hard! He also loves tech and is the reason we have this fancy website here. Thanks Joe!


James Harrison - COO

James is a celebrated chef and restaurateur. He knows operations like the back of his hand. But as you can tell... he is notoriously hard to photograph and get on social media. We love him all the same.


Contact Us

The Eggleston Group

2821 W Euless Blvd.
Euless, Texas 76040

P: (469) 324-5600
E: sales@egglestonoffice.com