Our Story

During the spring of 1982 Richard and Mary Eggleston had been operating a successful industrial conveyor company for many years. Mary, wanting to spruce up their office with out spending a ton of money decided to take apart some old cubicles they had apply new paint and fabric. This project was so successful that clients coming into the office wanted to purchase the cubicles they had re-manufactured. With so many inquiring about the re-manufactured cubicles, and the couple started purchasing and re-manufacturing cubicles during the down time in the conveyor company. From day one the demand was so great that eventually the industrial conveyor company was let go and Mid-Cities Office Systems Inc. was borne.


For the next thirty years Richard and Mary built an amazing business focusing on providing high quality products, great customer service and up front affordable prices. It was a family affair with two of their sons actively working in different areas of the company during their childhood and young adult like. Although Joe and Tony both found their own entrepreneurial career paths, after college, in 2015 and their parents contemplated retirement Tony and Joe entered back into the business with those instilled values of quality, service and affordability.


Today the company’s name had been changed to “The Eggleston Group” to honor the dedication and hard work Mary and Richard put into the company and to the family legacy that it instills. The Eggleston Group has grown in many ways since that first cubicle remanufacturing happed over 35 years ago. We now are a direct from manufacture company providing high design, great quality brand new cubicles at an unbeatable price. We have also added a full line of case goods, desk, receptions, sit stand desk, chairs and other accessories to the portfolio.


As the company continues to grow we always keep in mind the core values of our brand and dedication to our products, our service and our customers.