Open Office

Today's work space demands usability and collaboration first. High pressure laminates and acrylics are the materials that provide the substrata for a durable and collaborative environment. New advances in technology allow for healthier space that promotes standing and movement. It also allows for all of our gadgets and communication tools to be utilized quickly and constantly be ready and charged to move with us through an open area. These concepts provide a connected environ that promote team building and decrease bottlenecks in expression and message delivery. Contact one of our sales professionals to see how an open office can work for you.


Open Benching Pods

Great looks and compact design provide options for teams of people to do their work effectively and maximize the office space while providing a modern aesthetic. All these units are available with modular file storage at differing heights to promote dynamic feel and more usable work surface space. They can also be easily changed as business needs change to reduce cost over time and keep the work space feeling fresh and new.


Benching System

A minimal benching system is a great choice for a collaborative environment. It greatly increases personal relationships between employees and allows for the maximum number of people per square foot in the office. It's one of the most cost effective and great looking options in our arsenal.



Benching systems have options like glass privacy screens, on board electrical systems, shared legs and more. These details provide the most robust experience for the user and provide management with options at the most affordable price possible. These details make benching systems a win for everyone involved.