Cubicles have been the foundation of multi-employee working spaces for generations. They are revered for their ability to maximize working space and create an efficient working space. Gone are the days of closed design and restrictive spaces. New modern cubicles have the ability to do all the things of stations of the past with the new ability to enhance workflow and provide an open environment to create happy employees.


Tiled work station

Tiled work stations are the cornerstone of modular cubicle environments. They promote open visuals and the ability to increase options for work space usability. You can pick fabrics, glass, whiteboards, tack-able panels, acoustic panels, electrical panels and more. The options are nearly unlimited. Contact one of our sales professionals to learn more.


Mobile Pedestals

Mobile file pedestals, like the ones seen here, offer rolling file storage to be used anywhere they can fit. They also come with an sharply upholstered top to double as a sitting service for people that drop by or employees that need more seating options. This is just one of many ways to do more with less. 


Overhead Storage

No workstation is complete without overhead storage. The overhead storage options on today's cubicles have the ability to serve multiple roles. They can store files, lock up important items or be quick access to an employees most used work items. They can also double as quick access to office supplies.