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Modern cubicles are the pinnacle of efficiency and modular design. Every detail is designed to maximize productivity and work in any existing or new space. Whether you want high wall for privacy or low wall for a more collaborative environment, we can spec any size, color and option fast.

Open Office


The open office concept is BIG in the modern office environment today. From benching systems to height adjustable desks and privacy pods, everything is on the table to create an environment that maximizes collaboration and communication between employees.

Private Office


The private office is key for 1 on 1 business development and privacy for transactions and planning. We offer a substantial line of desks and credenzas thatcreate a powerful impression on all those that walk in. The modern private office is respite from the from the big stuffy furniture of the past.


The Eggleston Group was instrumental in completing a large scale project for us. They were quick with design, always available for questions, and the installation went flawlessly. They will be our ‘cubicle gurus’ for as long as we are in business!
— Tonnie Martinez